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About the Young Catholic Men's Conference

This inaugural conference is dedicated to young men. It also offers programs for the men that raise and support them. With cooperation of religious, this event is wholly produced by a group of committed lay Catholics who recognize the vast challenges of Christian manhood. The young men in our community are not just the future of the church, they are also today's church. YCMC is the church reaching out to these young men to fortify their manhood and empower them in this world.



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Saturday February 2, 2019

8:00 am  Check-in and Continental Breakfast
9:00 am  Welcome and General Session
10:30 am  Teen Breakouts / Dad Track #1
Noon  Bishop Perez Address
12:30 pm  Lunch and Open Gym *
2:00 pm  Teen Breakouts / Dad Track #2
3:30 pm  General Session
5:00 pm  Mass
6:00 pm  Texas BBQ Social / Open Gyms / Tournaments
* Priests available for confessions
YCMC Speakers

Keynote Speaker - Chris Padgett

Chris Padgett

Jesus tells us in the Gospels to Take Heart! Chris Padgett will speak to this call to action. This world is not easy but you can Take Heart and be a force in it. Chris encourages us to leave our comfort zones and align with the Spirit. How can you relate your faith to non-Catholics? What difference does being Catholic make? How can you be a confident, faith-filled young man? How does your walk with Christ make you a better person for the good of the world?

Chris Padgett has been conducting ministry around the country for more than a decade. Using the mediums of music and message, he communicates the truth of Christ's love and forgiveness. Through keynotes, concerts, writing articles and giving interviews, Chris conveys the importance of Jesus. Chris has a M.A in theology from Franciscan University and is working on a doctoral at the International Marian Research Institute in Dayton, Ohio.

Teen Breakout Sessions

The best speakers in the area deliver carefully organized and compelling topics that are critical to our prosperity. Each teen attendee chooses three of these 30 minute breakout sessions.

Science and Religion

"God or Unicorn?"

Marty Dybicz bio video


Come with your questions about science and God and how faith relates to your science textbooks. Marty Dybicz explores the reality that God is the author of science and that every good Catholic should be pro-science. He'll lead a powerful discussion about how science proves our need for faith and reveals God's presence in this world. You'll understand your faith and that God and science are not opposing forces.

Dating and Relating

"What is a Woman?"

Erin Hogan bio video


What is dating and how is holiness related to how you date? Expect Erin Hogan to help you understand girls a little better. She'll talk to you about how to meet girls, how to be truly romantic, what it takes to be a gentleman and how to treat girls so that they feel respected and appreciated.

Theology of the Body

"Human Love in the Divine Plan"

Jen Ricard bio video


What does sexuality mean? What does it mean to be masculine? Jen Ricard will unpack these significant themes in light of God's plan for your sexuality and masculinity. Learn to relate better to girls and have a better understanding of all the questions in your heart and guiding your sexuality through your teenage years. She'll guide you through your responsibility to uphold the beauty of all women, how you can be a hero in the lives of others and how to live out your sexuality with dignity.

Culture and You

"How to be Catholic in this World"

Sr Natalia bio video


With so much negativity, temptations and confusing messages in this world, Sister Natalia instructs on how to navigate this culture with virtue, morality and kindness. You'll learn what it means to live in the world and not of the world, how to make a positive difference and how to walk through your life unscathed by the negative forces around you.

Career Discernment

"Figuring Out My Life"

Fr Eric Garris bio video


There are so many big decisions to make in life that it can seem overwhelming. From making the right day-to-day decisions, to making the sports team and getting good grades, to relationships and family life, your decisions pack a punch. On top of all these questions and choices, how can you channel it all? How do you figure out your LIFE? Father Eric Garris works through these topics and how to figure out your career path, how to find fulfillment and discerning your life's vocation.

Overcoming Challenges

"Stress and a Sense of Self"

Fr Ryan Mann bio video


Sometimes stress, anxiety and angst weigh us down. You are too amazing to let these things get in your way! With refreshing straight-forwardness, positivity and an engaging energy, Father Ryan Mann reveals how Christ is here to help us deal with it all and be a strength for others. Learn some practical ways to find peace and simplicity in your life. Find out how to channel negative and destructive desires into something constructive.

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Thank you for joining us! This was a wonderful conference filled with faith, hope and love.

And after all that dodgeball and basketball it was also filled with stink. Shower up, men!



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