Sponsorship and Donations

Thank you for supporting this conference!

Tickets to the YCMC are being sold below cost. We are counting on sponsorships and donations to make this event solvent. This event was never intended to turn a profit but we're hoping to cover costs and maybe have a little left over for future events. Further, we would like to build up a "scholarship" for those who find this ticket price to be a factor in attending.

Program Ads:
  • $100 quarter page  ( 3.5" h  x  2.25" w )
  • $150 half page  ( 3.5" h  x  5" w )
  • $250 full page  ( 7.75" h  x  5" w )
Corporate Sponsorship:

Limited corporate sponsorships are available. A $500 donation yields the following...

  • full page program ad
  • company name and logo projected, as a sponsor, on big screen throughout the event
  • company name mentioned, as a sponsor, several times by MC during the day
  • exhibit table in main presentation area
Exhibit Tables:

Please contact us to discuss options to exhibit at this event.

Sponsor / Donor Form
$100 quarter page ad
$150 half page ad
$250 full page ad
$500 Corporate Sponsorship
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The Continue button above will take you to a secure payment platform to submit your sponsorship. After payment, a link to upload your program ad artwork will be emailed to you. Should you wish to make payment in another way, please add that note in the Comments area above, click on Continue and close the subsequent payment window. We will contact you and arrange for payment in your preferred method.